1st June 2017

Full Playing Member

R 7350.00

5 Day Member (Excludes Thursdays and Saturdays)

R 5350.00

Country Member (Must belong to another Club)

R 4600.00

Associate Member (21 to 35 years)

R 3360.00

Bona fide full time Student Member (18 to 24 years)

R 1200.00

Scholar Member (up to 18 years)

R 435.00

Social and Non Playing Member

R 600.00

Prepaid Rounds:

30 Prepaid Rounds

R 4830.00

50 Prepaid Rounds

R 7560.00

Unlimited Rounds

R 11000.00

Nominal Extra Charges:

Administration Fee (New Members only)



R 475.00

SAGA Fees (Juniors)

R 375.00

Handicap Fees

R 170.00

Hole-in-One Insurance

R 15.00

*Country Membership requires you being an affiliated member of another club and your primary residence being outside 100 kilometres from the Club for more than 10 months of a year