The Course

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  • 1 - Green & Sea Point
    Par: 4
    Stroke: 10
    Distance: 340m
    A comfortable par 4 to start your round driving into a narrow fairway guarded by two bunkers on the left hand side. The long green slopes from right to left and your approach is played directly into the predominant sea breeze so add some yardage to your club selection.
  • 2 - Table Mountain
    Par: 4
    Stroke: 2
    Distance: 390m
    The testing and lengthy par four playing back towards Table Mountain rewards the longer driver who can clear the raised hump in the fairway. The flat green is well protected by a meandering water hazard front and right and a conservative lay-up will more often than not produce better results than a long iron or wood played to the raised green.
  • 3 - Grand Vlei
    Par: 5
    Stroke: 6
    Distance: 474m
    After negotiating your drive down the narrow fairway you are presented with a tough challenge to hit the small layup landing area surrounded by water on three sides. Longer hitters can risk clearing the water..
  • 4 - Doll’s House
    Par: 4
    Stroke: 18
    Distance: 265m
    Turning back towards the Waterfront is the first bit of relief after the tough second and third holes. This short par 4 can be reached with a drive, but is guarded by a bunker-protected green and a pond on the right hand side that is invisible off the tee.
  • 5 - Mouille Point
    Par: 4
    Stroke: 4
    Distance: 370m
    A lengthy par four along Mouille Point’s Bay Road, the fairway is deceptively wide but slopes left towards a water hazard that runs all the way to the green. The approach must be aimed towards the back of this long double green so it is important to note the exact distance to the pin. The green is protected with large bunkers and even if you hit the surface, putts from the front side of the green may be in excess of 50 metres
  • 6 - Thermopylae
    Par: 3
    Stroke: 16
    Distance: 152m
    The first of the par 3’s plays to a big double-green well protected by the pot bunker in front. Play conservatively aiming for the middle of the green and leave yourself with a comfortable two-putt.
  • 7 - Victoria
    Par: 4
    Stroke: 14
    Distance: 292m
    On this short par 4, think twice about immediately pulling out the driver as its best to have a full second shot to the green if you want to get to the pin that is normally tucked behind the front pot bunker. Hazards and waste bunkers protect the left side and the downhill putts are extremely fast compounded by the helping grain.
  • 8 - Fort Wynyard
    Par: 4
    Stroke: 12
    Distance: 332m
    Your tee shot is played alongside the impressive Cape Town Stadium to a wide and receptive fairway that slopes downwards towards the green. At all costs you must avoid the dense rough that protects both sides of the fairway. The double green is long and full of contours.
  • 9 - Robben Island
    Par: 3
    Stroke: 8
    Distance: 168m
    The second par three on the outward nine requires an accurate tee shot to avoid the water to the right of the green. There is room on the left to play conservatively. Club-up and target the back of the green for a long putt towards the hole sloping from back to front.
  • 10 - De Waterplaats
    Par: 4
    Stroke: 1
    Distance: 383m
    Sharing the fairway of the first hole, this is arguably the toughest Par 4 on the course requiring a tight drive along the left half of the dogleg to reach the green in two. The green is flat but well protected with bunkers leaving a small landing area.
  • 11 - Signal Hill
    Par: 4
    Stroke: 3
    Distance: 390m
    The longest par 4 on the course often plays directly into the prevailing wind and requires a big drive and long second shot to reach the green in two. The small green elevated green is protected by a water hazard on the left.
  • 12 - Lighthouse
    Par: 5
    Stroke: 5
    Distance: 505m
    A signature hole with the famous Mouille Point Lighthouse as a backdrop, this par five requires three good shots, each with its own individual challenge in order to reach the well bunkered green. It is arguably one of the most challenging par fives found in the Western Cape. The water ponds stretches along most of the left side up to the green with stunning views over the Urban Park and Lion’s Head
  • 13 - Seafarer
    Par: 4
    Stroke: 11
    Distance: 319m
    A well-positioned drive is required on this par four as a series of fairway bunkers left, right and center awaits the wayward shot. Once in play with your drive, a large green awaits your approach shot.
  • 14 - Granger Bay
    Par: 4
    Stroke: 15
    Distance: 299m
    A relatively short par four with a water hazard along the left side of the fairway. The approach to the green is well protected by the large bunkers to the left and short of the green. The green is shared with the fourth hole and stumbling on the wrong side will leave you with a long undulating putt.
  • 15 - RMS Athens
    Par: 3
    Stroke: 13
    Distance: 172m
    The longest of the par threes shares the green with the sixth hole. The pin is not easily accessible so play for the center if you want to avoid any risks.
  • 16 - Alfred
    Par: 4
    Stroke: 17
    Distance: 270m
    An easily reachable par four playing uphill towards the historical Fort Wynyard. The longer hitter can drive the green so if you feel good about your swing, have a go.. A great chance for birdie to keep the momentum going into the last two holes.
  • 17 - The Battery
    Par: 4
    Stroke: 9
    Distance: 346m
    Enjoy the stunning views of Table Bay from this elevated tee. Keep it down the centre of the fairway on this hole before the challenge of finding the correct landing area on the green. The pin is on the left but a pond awaits any shot left of the green. The safer approach is towards the centre but this may leave you with a tricky and fast putt.
  • 18 - The Breakwater
    Par: 3
    Stroke: 7
    Distance: 148m
    A challenging but brilliant finishing par 3 with carry over water all the way to the green. Avoid ruining a good round by taking enough club and aiming slightly to the left. If you are brave , go for the pin but be aware of the out-of-bounds on the right.